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الموديل: GGA8PBTCHR
العلامة التجارية: Grip2u
The grip2u case is comfortable and prac.... عرض المزيد
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The grip2u case is comfortable and practical for daily use and can withstand shocks from a height of 3 meters. It also features a handle that facilitates the use of the device for calls and photography. Made of plastic and rubber to protect the device more.

Easy Control
Controlling your smartphone can be daunting, but with Grip2ü case you can take on whatever life throws at you without worrying about a costly drop. Made using a unique dual-shot molding process, our engineers were able to fuse a soft and forgiving inner layer of rubber with a rugged and protective outer layer of hard plastic, resulting in an ultra slim and hyper strong masterpiece. You take your phone everywhere and now you don’t have to be afraid to use it!

Integrated Band Technology
Our patented band technology is going to increase the stability of your device in your hand and create a sense of control you've never felt before. Stay connect without losing your grip.

Dual Layer Protection Case
Made with a dual layer of protection, a soft inner lining of rubber combined with an outer hard plastic shell, your drops (if they happen) are no match for this rugged case!

Wireless Charging Compatible
Wireless charging your smartphone is no problem at all. This Grip2ü case is 100 %25 wireless charging compatible! Stay Charged!

Military Drop Tested
We put our cases through a military drop test process to ensure that your device is left unharmed when drops occur. We meet or exceed military testing specs to ensure you've got the best chance at avoiding damage to your device.